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Jawad Dilawar Your Legal Partner

I am a seasoned professional with a specialization in Common Law, focusing on Contract, Financial Recovery, and Labor Law. My educational background includes degrees in both Finance and Law, which have provided me with a strong foundation in understanding the intricate intersections of these fields.

Meet The Experienced Lawyer

Welcome to Legal Solutions and Contract Expertise

In my professional journey, I have had the privilege of working on a wide range of cases and transactions, including complex contract negotiations, financial disputes, and labor law matters. My commitment to upholding the principles of justice, fairness, and contractual integrity has been a driving force in my career.


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Meet The Experienced Lawyer

Expert Lawyer Specializing in Rental Issues

With a stellar legal career spanning 25+ years, Jawad Dilawar stands as a beacon of expertise in the complex realm of Rental Issues.

Rental Issues

I provide comprehensive legal support and guidance for all your rental concerns, whether you are a tenant or a landlord. Our expertise covers lease agreements, disputes, eviction processes, and property-related legal matters.

Labour Issues

I am specialized in labor law, offering assistance in resolving employment-related disputes, contract negotiations, termination issues, and ensuring compliance with labor regulations. So will be happy to work with you.

Muslim Marriage Services

I offer professional guidance and support for Muslim couples seeking to navigate the legal aspects of marriage, including marriage contracts (Nikah), dowry (Mahr) matters, and marriage-related legal requirements.

Non-Muslim Marriage Services

For couples from diverse backgrounds, we provide services related to civil marriages, interfaith marriages, and legal processes associated with marriage registration outside of Islamic law.

All Contracts Formation Service

My expertise extends to contract law, where we assist in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating various types of contracts, ensuring clarity and protection of your legal interests.

Wills and Guardianship

I help you plan for the future by drafting wills that align with your wishes and provide guidance on matters of guardianship, ensuring the well-being of your loved ones. I have had the privilege of working on a wide range.

POA within and Outside UAE

My services encompass Power of Attorney (POA) arrangements both within and outside the UAE, allowing you to delegate authority with confidence, whether for personal or business matters.

Financial Recovery

I am specialized in financial recovery and banking law, assisting clients in recovering debts, navigating financial disputes, and addressing issues related to banking regulations and transactions.

Criminal Cases

I equipped to handle criminal cases, providing representation, defense, and guidance throughout the legal process, ensuring your rights are protected.Legal Advice

Legal Advice ​

Legal AdviceI offer comprehensive legal advice on a wide range of legal matters. I am available to provide expert guidance, answer questions, and develop strategic solutions tailored to your specific needs.​

Meet Experienced Lawyer

Expert Lawyer Specializing in Labor Issues

With an illustrious career spanning 25 years, Jawad Dilawar is a distinguished legal luminary specializing in Labor Issues. Renowned for their unwavering commitment to justice, unparalleled legal prowess, and a profound understanding of labor law complexities.

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Are you in need of expert legal guidance? Our dedicated legal advisor is here to assist you with your legal concerns. Whether you have questions about contracts, disputes, labor issues, or any other legal matter, we’re here to provide you with the expert advice you need. Booking an appointment is easy.

Apart from this, I am also providing the listed services​

Professional PRO Services

As a lawyer with expertise in a wide range of legal matters, I provide Professional PRO Services designed to streamline your business operations and ensure regulatory compliance. In addition to legal counsel, I offer a comprehensive suite of services to assist your business in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). These services include:

Business Feasibility for DED

Starting a new business or expanding into the UAE? I can assess the feasibility of your business venture, providing valuable insights and guidance to help you make informed decisions.

Trade License Assistance

Obtaining the right trade license is essential for conducting business in the UAE. I can guide you through the trade license application process, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Visa Services

Navigating the UAE's visa regulations can be complex. I offer comprehensive visa services to help individuals and businesses secure the necessary visas, from employment and investor visas to family and tourist visas.

Ijari and Office Place Arrangements

Finding the right office space is crucial for your business's success. I can assist in securing suitable ijari (leasing) agreements and arranging office spaces that meet your specific requirements.

Warehouse Arrangements

If your business requires warehousing facilities, I can help you locate and secure appropriate warehouse spaces, ensuring your logistics and storage needs are met.

Health-Related Business Support

For businesses in the healthcare sector, I provide legal guidance and support, helping you navigate the complexities of healthcare regulations in the UAE.

Sports-Related Business Support

Whether you're involved in sports management, events, or related ventures, I can offer legal services tailored to the unique needs of your sports business.

Transport Business Support

If you're in the transport industry, I provide legal support and guidance, addressing the specific challenges and regulations in this sector. Contact me today to discuss your specific needs.

Legal Experties In My Career

With my legal expertise and in-depth knowledge of the UAE's business landscape, I can help you efficiently address legal and operational requirements. Partner with me to ensure that your business in the UAE thrives while remaining compliant with local laws and regulations.

About Mr. Dilawar

Who Is Mr. Jawad Dilawar

Mr.Jawad Dilawar

Experienced Lawyer

Who is Mr. Jawad Dilawar?

Mr.Jawad Dilawar is a distinguished legal professional with an impressive 25-year tenure in the field of law. With a career marked by unwavering commitment and an unrelenting pursuit of justice, Mr.Jawad Dilawar has become a trusted name in the legal sphere. Their extensive expertise spans a wide range of legal areas, including contract management, dispute resolution, and regulatory compliance. Mr.Jawad Dilawar’s reputation for excellence is built upon a foundation of ethical integrity, client-centered advocacy, and a keen understanding of the intricacies of the legal system. With a quarter-century of legal experience, Mr. Jawad Dilawar is not just a seasoned lawyer; they are a dedicated advocate, a trusted advisor, and a beacon of legal excellence, ready to provide tailored solutions to their clients’ legal challenges.

Legal Excellence

Legal Excellence in the UAE

Legal Clarity

I offer clear, jargon-free legal advice that empowers you to make informed decisions.

Tailored Solutions

No two businesses or individuals are alike. That's why I take a personalized approach to address your unique needs and challenges.

End-to-End Support

My services extend beyond legal counsel. I provide end-to-end support, guiding you through each step of the process.

Proven Track Record

I've successfully assisted numerous clients in a variety of industries, from healthcare and sports to transportation and more.

Why Choose My Services?

Why Choose Me?

Expertise and Experience

With a deep understanding of UAE laws, regulations, and market dynamics, I provide expert guidance to help you navigate the legal landscape seamlessly.

Customized Solutions

Every business is unique, and we recognize that one size does not fit all. I tailor my services to suit your specific requirements, ensuring that you receive the support you need, precisely when you need it.

Regulatory Compliance

Staying compliant with UAE laws is crucial for any business. I keep you on the right side of the law, reducing the risk of fines, penalties, or business disruptions.

Cost-Effective Services

I offer competitive rates for our professional services, ensuring you get high-quality legal support without breaking the bank.

Time Efficiency

The UAE's bureaucratic processes can be time-consuming. We expedite these processes, saving you valuable time and allowing you to focus on growing your business.

Local Knowledge

I have depth knowledge of local laws, cultural norms, and government procedures positions us as a trusted partner who can bridge the gap between your business and the local regulatory environment.

Support Across Industries

Whether you are in healthcare, sports, transportation, or any other sector, our services are versatile and tailored to meet the unique needs of your industry.

Multilingual Communication

I am fluent in multiple languages, ensuring clear and effective communication that transcends language barriers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Obtaining a trade license in the UAE is crucial for any business, as it is the legal document that allows you to operate within the country. My services can help by guiding you through the trade license application process, ensuring you choose the right license category, and assisting with the necessary documentation. I streamline the process, saving you time and ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Yes, I offer comprehensive visa services for both individuals and businesses. I can assist with various visa types, including employment visas, investor visas, family visas, and tourist visas, among others. My services cover everything from the initial application to renewals and visa cancellations, ensuring that your visa needs are met efficiently.

My PRO services are tailored to the unique needs of businesses in various industries. For healthcare, I offer legal guidance to ensure compliance with healthcare regulations. In the sports sector, I assist with contract negotiations, event permits, and sports industry regulations. In transportation, we provide support for setting up transportation businesses and navigating complex industry regulations. My industry-specific expertise helps businesses operate smoothly and in compliance with local laws.